Friday, October 12, 2012

Ceres Buses Launch FREE WI-FI for Passengers

In this modern era, competition among the bus market industry has become so tough that bus operators tend to think of better ways to lure passengers. This has led Ceres Bus Liner to deploy and offer free Wi-Fi services in its air-conditioned bus units in order to provide the riding public an improved "bus-riding experience".

According to Ceres Bus Liner branch manager Anselmo Ambos Jr., "If we can't compete with the price (because it's regulated), we can compete with the service to sustain the patronage of the riding public".

He also said that the company realized that Wi-Fi services have become a requirement for many customers. "This is one way of returning the favor to the public while at the same time setting ourselves different from other bus companies," Ambos said.

Initial Wi-Fi services were deployed to air-conditioned bus units travelling to southern Cebu and 12 of 20 air-conditioned bus units travelling to northern Cebu. Wi-Fi speeds are of up to 3.5 mbps to 41 of 85. Of the 253 Ceres Bus Liner buses, the company's goal is to have all air-conditioned buses Wi-Fi ready by the end of this year. They are also considering the possibility of setting-up Wi-Fi services in non-aircon buses.

Ceres has placed stickers on buses with Wi-Fi connections. Good news is that there would be no additional charges or increases in bus fares for the new feature according to Ambos.

Cebu was one of the priority cities for Wi-Fi deployment, along with Batangas, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro City and Davao because of its growing market.

The Ceres Bus Liner is operated by Vallacar Transit Inc., which is managed by the Bacolod- based Yanson Group of Bus Companies, the same company that manages Rural Transit of Mindanao and Bachelor Express Inc. for Mindanao and Ceres Tours in Luzon.

Source: Sunstar Cebu


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