Friday, September 21, 2012

Beware of Unionbank Email Scam

Last week I received an email from UBP EON Services( that asks me to update my UnionBank account information to protect my account. But why? I don't have an existing UnionBank account, thus got me curious as something seems not right. The mail includes a link where it will lead me to a page to update my account records. Vigilant as I am, I hovered my mouse to the link and to my surprise it points to a different website:

Text link:

Actual link location:

Does this smell fishy to you? I clicked the link and it points me to an unsecured http megalink site. So I searched if this megalink address is indeed the original one. As what I expected, this address is a fraud. The address looks very valid with the main site to be To further prove my intuition, I visited the official website of UnionBank and this image comparison below showed up. I was right after all. This email is indeed a fraud.

So I'm asking everyone to be vigilant all the time especially if a site asks for pertinent information. Make sure the site your visiting is a secured site that starts with https or if you have any other doubts go to the official website and there you'd login. So many spams and scams are everywhere online so be careful.


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