Monday, July 23, 2012

Microsoft To Release Updated Version of MS Office for iPad and Android Tablets

Microsoft recently announced that they will now support touch-based controls for iPad and Android tablets. MS Office products like word processing, spreadsheet and email programs  - the new Office will respond to touch as well as keyboard or mouse commands.

This great news is an indication that the next Windows Tablet is gonna be a big hit to corporate users. Imagine yourself using the MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all other Office apps on a tablet supporting the touch functions. That would be very beneficial.

Features in the new Office would include:
  1. Inkling, which lets you use a stylus to write on a device’s screen. Handwritten notes are converted automatically to text. 
  2. Integration with Yammer, a social network for businesses, and with Skype, a video chat service. 
  3. Bing Maps will be part of the new Outlook email program. If there’s an address in an email, just tap on it to get directions. 
  4. A "reading" mode on Word will make it easier to read word-processing documents on a tablet or e-reader. That mode will make the document look more like a book page. You can also embed video into Word documents, or share a document directly on Facebook.
Microsoft is currently planning to release the company’s full Office suite not only fo Apple’s iPad, but for Android tablets as well. The company's target would be this November 2012 for both launches.


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