Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OKC Thunders triumphs over Lakers; wins series 4-1

   Oklahoma City Thunders won Game 5 of their playoff series match against the popular Los Angeles Lakers with the score 106-90. Russell Westbrook dominated the game scoring in 28pts while Kevin Durant also added a noteworthy 25pts with 10 rebounds. These two All-Stars skipped their usual rest periods to power the Thunder. James Harden added 17 points as Oklahoma City's bench men outscored the Lakers' 35-5. The Thunder also had a 30-6 edge in fast-break scoring. The Lakers were outrebounded 51-35 and had only three offensive rebounds, two from Gasol and none from Bynum.

   On the other hand, Kobe Bryant scored a big 42pts, Gasol with 23pts, 17 rebounds and six assists and Steve Blake scored a playoff career-best of 19 pts for the Lakers. However, it isn't enough to pull down the raging Thunders.

   OKC Thunders will now face the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals.


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